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Where I've been...

Hi all,

I just wanted to post where I've been especially for those who have been waiting for a package or message from me. I suffered a miscarriage and have been out of commission for a bit but all packages will go out tomorrow and i'll try my best to get messages out, too. I apologize for the delay and I hope you're all doing well!


See you Friday!

I'll be back on Friday, y'all! A crisis has befallen a friend and I need to be there for her!

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Shipping is FREE FOR NEW YEAR'S! in US with DC and International is available, no problem! We'll work out shipping for that. I use lots of bubble wrap and send frimps! Paypal only, please. Comment here or send me an email at yarnbeans at gmail dot com. Thanks for looking!

All lab-full, back up bottles unless marked and they all must go because I'm running out of room! Paypal please!
Shipping is FREE FOR NEW YEAR'S! in US and International shipping is available - we just have to figure out how much it'll cost! :) Also, I'm not against discounts if you're purchasing several (3 or more) bottles!

Tissue $18
Neil Gaiman's The Fool $20
Lady Lilith $20

Salons-Retail Only

Mad Kate
Peacocks (at top of label, it came that way)
The Black Swan (at top of label, it came that way)

$20 each


Pumpkin 1 2008
Pumpkin 2 2008
Pumpkin 3 2008
Pumpkin 4 2008
Pumpkin 5 2008

Pumpkin 1 2007 (slightly below top of label, no idea why as it's a backup bottle)
Pumpkin 2 2007
Pumpkin 4 2007

Pumpkin 1 2005
Pumpkin 2 2005
Pumpkin 4 2005
Pumpkin 5 2005

$13 each or 5 for $50 (mix and match at will)! I also have more pumpkins but I don't know which ones they are! I have to do some label research. Feel free to PM me to ask!

Yules -

The Winter of Our Discontent - 2008
The Head of Holofernes - 2008
The Peacock Queen - 2009
Jolasveinar 2006 (wand cap)

$15 each


Bite Me (2)
Pomona (2)
$15 each

Marshmallow Pumpkin
Blue Pumpkin Floss
$18 each

Beaver Moon November 2010
Bony Moon February 2009
Egg Moon April 2010
Berry Moon August 2009
Blood Moon October 2008
Harvest Moon 2010
Moon of Small Spirits 2008
Moon of the Terrible January 2009
Mourning Moon November 2008
Candles Moon February 2010
Chaste Moon March 2010

$13 each

Random LE's -

Blood Phoenix 2007 - there is a label on top of the cap
Sugar Skull 2008
13 June 2008
Fire Phoenix 2008 Anniversary
Candy Phoenix 2008 Anniversary
Metal Phoenix 2008 Anniversary
Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream
Tabella Election Day 2008
White Phoenix
Tea Time in Roswell *Pending*

$15 each

Carnaval Diabolique -

Tiresias, The Androgyne
Kataniya, The Clockwork Woman
The Parliament of Monsters
The Wildmen of Jezirat al Tennyn *pending*

$15 each

GC's -

Alice's Evidence *pending*
All Night Long
Ravenous *pending*
The Unicorn
Kuang Shi
Two, Five, and Seven
Grog *Pending*
Lady Macbeth
Screeching Parrot *Pending*
Horn of Plenty
Glasgow *pending*
Soothing System
'Tis the voice of the Lobster
Brown Jenkins
$10 each

Again, all backup, lab full bottles! These are just $5.

There, Castle 2008
Taffeta, Darling 2008
Giant, Oriental Urns
I had a Pony
Last Gasp
Monarch Butterfly
If Wishes Were Horses
Garden Snail
Just Like Heaven
L' Shana Tova
Eiffel Tower
Cidre Doux au Poire
The Matriarch of Elements 2009
La Duchesse Haute de Nez's Maison for Reforming Trollops, Tarts and Strumpets

La Danse Orientale D'Allure Et Bien Risque De Madame Collant-Bas

Festival of Light 2008
Snow Balls 2008

Cobalt Blends, Mythos Mixtures, Haunt, Possets, Nocturne Alchemy, Violette Market and Arcana! $7 each unless otherwise marked

Cobalt Blends

Spirited Baby (2)
Ouzo Ball (2)
Palaver (2)
Owl Cult
Headless Gingerbread Man
Raven Feathers in Snow
Wistful Vampire
Pale Sunrise
Pomme de Taint (2)
Doll Party
Pata Pata (2)
Mollie's Monsters
Sugary Spin
Tiger Butter
Irish Cream Tea
One Leaf Clove
Drifting Orb


Fugue 10ml - $10 *pending*
Little Ghoulie
Frilly Underpinnings (1)
Frozen Heart
Skipping Vespers


Sweet Jane

Mythos Mixtures

Nocturne Alchemy

Asp Venom
Gold Moon
Amber Pumpkin
Egyptian Black Raspberry

Violette Market

Dark Kiss Moon
Bordeaux Garden
Vintage Beekeeper


Forever Home
Winter Wedding Cake
Titanium White
The Girls Love Fall Wine
Pippin Pie
Shimmering Crystals and Midnight Rainbows - Alaska
Gingerbread Crackhouse
Highway 666
Snow on Bare Skin
Pink Corset

A Scent Sale!

Selling off a few scents to make room for more scents!

Shipping is $2.50 for first class or I can use a small flat rate priority box for $4.95, whichever you prefer! Paypal please, I prefer no e-checks, but I can work around it if need be. If you buy a lot, I can definitely give you $$ off! And I'm gonna frimp like there's no tomorrow! icon_biggrin.gif Please PM me!

These are all unopened backup bottles (lab full) unless otherwise marked.


Lunacies: $15

Berry Moon (I have 2 of these)-1 is sold
Moon of the Terrible
Mourning Moon
Blood Moon
Dyan Moon
Sugar Moon

LE's :$15

Bite Me

Neil Gaiman's 15 Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot - The Fool, including Tarot Card - $22

Agape (Fifth year anniversary Forum only Blend) - $10
Tabella - Election Day 2008 - $10
Chaos Theory V The Dorian Series (CCCXXII, I think! I really can't read it and it came to me from the Lab that way!) - $15
Glitter Resurrected:2006 - $15
White Chocolate, Marshmallow and Coconut - $12 -pending
The Host of the Air -$12
Velvet Tiki - $12

2008 Halloweenies -

Pumpkin III - $12

GC: $10

All Night Long


$2 (These have rolled labels from being in a bullet box)

That! There Terror from Over There
I Fell in Love with a Floating Brain
Spawn of the She-Demon
Crimson Christmas
Invasion of the Flesh-Eating Reindeer from Uranus
Mutant Hot Rodders from Hell High
Hay Moon
Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune alone on Winter Solstice
The Passionate Shepherd to his Love
Couple Consulting an Enpon (1/4 imp) $1
Splatter Comedy (1/2 imp)

Freebies with purchase:

Detestable Putrescence (sniffie)
Agape (empty bottle)
2006 Enraged Bunny Musk (empty bottle)
All They Had Seen and All They Had Lost (empty)

Pink Moon (Vintage 2005) I bought this from another destash on the forums...oil level is quite full (over top of label)sold
WKAP full set of 1/2 imps - $10 sold
Pa-Pow sold
Feeding the Dead sold
Huesos De Santo - $12 sold
Black Butterfly Moon-sold
Dionysia (sniffie)gone
Midnight Mass 2008 (bottle with 1 decant) gone
Green Phoenix -sold
Tabella- sold
Hay Moon-sold
Pumpkin IV -$12 Sold
The Shivering Boy (2007) - $15 -sold
Dark Chocolate and Pepper-Smoked Caramel -sold
Water Phoenix -$12 -Sold
Metal Phoenix -$12 -Sold
Stinky 2009- sold
Green Party - sold
13 March 2009 (Burgundy Label) - $12 sold
Falling Leaf Moon - sold
Samhain 2009 - sold
Zombi -sold
Sticky Pillowcase - $15 sOLD
Velvet Cthulhu- $12 sOLD
Eisheth Zenunim (CD) (bottle with 2 decants)sOLD
Pumpkin Patch 2009 - entire set including Tattie Bogle imp - $50 (I prefer not to break up this set) sold

Mobile Test Post

Let's see if my mobile app works...

Today I smell like...

Autumn breakfast!

I'm wearing Blooddrop 8:30 AM - which smells like pumpkin waffles with whipped cream and maple syrup. So delicious.

Description - 8:30am
Mmmm….. Halloween breakfast! If you’re going to celebrate this day properly, you’re going to need a good breakfast to hold you, at least, through to lunch to hold you through to snack time to hold you through until dinner to hold you through until SUPERAWESOMEGIMMEHCANDYTIME!!!!!! So for this special breakfast, let Blooddrop set in front of you a mountain high plate of our super wonderful pumpkin waffles with pumpkin pie seasoned whipped cream and a little carafe of maple syrup. Mmmmm indeed!

I was worried I wouldn't like it because I really hate the smell of maple syrup (I love to eat it, just not smell it), but this is just scrumptious!

Today I smell like...

An exotic coconut!

Today's perfume is Blooddrop's The Coveted Conch Shell Collection which on me smells like fresh raw coconut with a bitter orange note in the background. It dries down to a nice papaya/coconut/orange fragrance. It's lovely and the perfect Summer perfume.

Today, I smell like...

spicy apple custard! Today's perfume is Blooddrop's Citrouille. I wanted something foody since I have to work the lunch shift at the restaurant and I like smelling like food at work!

Here's the description from Blooddrop -
Pumpkin, complementing spices, creams and fresh autumn apple.

Yep! There is some pumpkin in the background with cream, apple and spices, not necessarily cinnamon, but something more exotic. Maybe cardamom and nutmeg.

I like it!

Copying Two-Tone!

Well, my friend two-tone likes to post which perfume she's wearing each day and I think it sounds like a fine idea. It's a great way to keep track of notes and perfumes decriptions.

So, today I'm wearing BPAL's Strawberry Moon and I smell like...a strawberry garden! Fresh strawberries with just a bit of the leafy plant in the background. And maybe just the tiniest smidgen of vanilla.

Here's the description from BPAL -

Wild strawberries, strawberry flower, vanilla-infused sugar, early summer grasses, and milky dandelion sap.

Goodbye my sweet little brother.

I just found out today that my brother died of an overdose last Wednesday March 25. I haven't spoken to my brother for probably 12 or 13 years. We just went our separate ways after our mother died and I found out I was adopted. So many regrets, so many. I am just so devastated and disappointed in myself. He was 30 years old. He chose a way of life that brought about his death - but he just couldn't handle our childhood. I should have been there for him but self-preservation won out. And that is stupid. I could have taken care of us both.